Our First Virtual Training Course:

Not in my Name!

About the Project

Youth Cooperation Council of the Odorhei Province (UIET) has successfully implemented its first online project funded by the Erasmus + program. The epidemic caused by the coronavirus also had a negative impact on the youth sector, so offline training could not take place and after several date changes, the project was implemented on online interfaces between January 8-19, 2021.

The virtual project involved 44 participants from 10 countries. The initial program was redesigned in terms of both duration and methodology, respecting the chosen topic, the problem of offline and online hate speech and exclusion among gypsies and migrants. There was 3 hours of activity each day using the Zoom and Breakout Room. We also had the help of menti.com, jamboard, padlet and Google Slides. The ”Not in my name!” project had partners from Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Macedonia, Turkey, Croatia and the United Kingdom, without whose help it would not have been possible. After 12 days, we closed a great program behind us, valuable relationships developed between the participants as we talked about a topic that was very influential and topical in our daily lives. The penultimate day we had a mini-interview as one of the Croatian participants is also a migrant who had fled Iraq from his family to Croatia for three years.

Virtually Connected Through Erasmus+

Realities of Hate Speech
Learning Outcomes
Youthpass Worksheet
Learning Goals
Social Exclusion Roots


for addressing Offline and
Online Hate Speech

during the virtual mobility, the participants created their campaign plans against hate speech.

Meet Your Neighbour
Let's Get Know about Every Culture
Express Yourselves and Act Now
We are All Human Beings and We All Have the Same Right
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How We Made the Project Interactive

Stories of the Participants

Stories of the Organizers

As the hosting organization, we are very pleased with our first online Erasmus+ project. Meeting 44 youngsters who are eager to keep going and being positive, even though the difficult circumstances caused by COVID-19, gave us hope and pushed us to hope for a better future. This is what about Not in my Name! training course was about, for us! Keep up the good work, guys, hope to see you soon all!

Tornai Szilárd

vice-president, uiet

In my opinion we have had a successful project. When I found out that it will be held on Zoom, I was scared a little bit, because I know how boring it is to sit in front of a computer, but then I was very surprised. Searching for participants was more easier than I firstly thought, and a big stone fell off my heart each days, when I saw the participants smiling, active faces, and heard their laugh. Many thanks to the trainers, to Eva and Endre, without them it would have been a boring 10 days. I’m glad that we could get to know 9 different points of views from different cultures, and we had the possibility of making new friendships.

Siklódi eszter

project coordinator, uiet

Financed by

This project is made possible through the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission.


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