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The Civic Engagement Initiative is a dynamic project designed to inspire youth towards proactive societal involvement through educational workshops and direct participation. Our ultimate goal is to nurture a civically engaged generation that enhances democracy and contributes to community sustainability.

Our Goals

Empowering Youth Through
Civic Engagement

Our goals at Com’ON Youth are anchored in empowering young people through civic engagement. We aim to enhance their knowledge of public administration, stimulate their interest in civic matters, and build connections with decision makers. Ultimately, our vision is to foster a culture of active participation and volunteering, creating a ripple effect of positive change in our society.

Enhancing Knowledge and Understanding

Our aim is to equip young people with a comprehensive understanding of public administration and decision-making through online and direct engagement.

Stimulating Interest and Motivation

Through interactive sessions and real-world examples, we intend to spark interest and motivation among the youth in civic matters.

Building Bridges between Youth and Decision Makers

We aim to connect young people with public service decision makers, providing networking opportunities and firsthand insights into potential future roles.

Long-term Civic Engagement and Volunteering

Our ultimate objective is to cultivate a generation that is not just aware of, but also actively involved in, their civic duties, creating a lasting societal impact.


Com'ON Youth Project

Com'ON Youth Project is an initiative by the UIET, a non-profit organization based in Odorheiu Secuiesc.

We aim to equip young people with essential civic knowledge and encourage active participation in public affairs. Our vision is to empower youth to shape the future of their communities and beyond.

Our Team

Dynamic Civic Engagement Team

Our team is composed of a mix of passionate, dedicated, and skilled individuals who are committed to promoting and facilitating civic engagement among young people. They bring their unique talents, perspectives, and experiences to create a powerful force for change.


Our team comprises individuals from various backgrounds and fields of study, enriching our approach to civic engagement with diverse perspectives and innovative solutions.


Each team member possesses unique skills and knowledge in their respective areas, which include public administration, education, and youth engagement strategies.


Our team's shared passion for civic engagement and youth empowerment is the driving force behind the project, fueling our commitment to make a positive impact on the lives of young people.

Our Activities

Empowerment in Action: Our Engaging Activities

We’ve outlined a series of interactive presentations, community discussions, online engagement, and immersive experiences to bridge the gap between youth and civic institutions. Join us at our Infopoint for in-person interactions or online on our Facebook page.

A physical and digital platform designed to answer your questions, clear your doubts, and facilitate discussions on public administration and decision-making processes.

We bring relevant and engaging content to local schools, providing students with knowledge on public administration, decision-making processes, and the importance of youth involvement.

A series of on-location presentations at our HQ, the Harghita County Council, and the Romanian Parliament, to give a firsthand look at the workings of these institutions and interactions with decision-makers and public servants.

Ensuring engagement and knowledge sharing through digital platforms. A space for involvement, learning, and motivation to inspire active participation in public life.

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Top Six Tips for Youth Engagement

Harness the power of civic engagement with these six transformative tips. The Com’ON Youth project equips young people with the knowledge, connections, and confidence they need to effect real change. Here’s how to take those first steps towards civic participation and community leadership.

Get Involved

The first step in civic engagement is participation. Join a local youth group, attend community meetings or contribute to public discussions on social media.

Understand Your Administration

Public administration might seem complex, but it's simply the way our community organizes itself. Take time to learn about the key figures and roles in your local and national administration.

Value Your Voice

Your opinions matter. Even if it feels like your voice won't make a difference, remember that every vote counts, and every perspective adds to the richness of public debate.

Connect with the Right People

Reach out to decision-makers, public servants, or community leaders. They're there to help and guide you, and they can provide valuable insight into public processes.

Learn & Share

Information is power. The more you learn about civic engagement, the more effectively you can participate and inspire others. Don't be afraid to ask questions and share what you learn.

Believe in Change

Real change is possible, and it often starts on a local level. By taking part in civic engagement, you're not just contributing to your community — you're setting a powerful example for others.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

– Nelson Mandela –

Our Gallery

Snapshots of Empowerment

Delve into our journey through a curated collection of images, showcasing memorable moments, successful events,
and impactful stories from our Civic Engagement Initiative.

Moving Forward

The Future of the Civic Engagement Initiative

As we look ahead, the Civic Engagement Initiative aims to significantly expand its reach, touching the lives of more young people across the nation and inspiring a new generation of active citizens. By continuously refining our strategies and creating more empowering platforms, we are committed to fostering an environment where young people are not only aware of their civic responsibilities but are also motivated and equipped to take part in shaping society’s future.


The Youth Cooperation Council of the Odorhei Province (Udvarhelyszéki Ifjúsági Egyeztető Tanács) is a NonGovernmental Organization located in Odorheiu Secuiesc.


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This project is made possible through the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission.

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